Shock Video: Young Boy Beaten by Gang in Sweden

A young boy was viciously attacked by a 'gang' in Sweden who also threatened his family this week, according to reports.

The disturbing incident unfolded on Tuesday in Bromölla, a municipality in Skåne County.

The victim was surrounded on a footpath by a group of at least five thugs who filmed part of the assault and posted it on TikTok, Samnytt reports.

The boy's father reportedly saved the video and reposted it in an effort to locate the suspects involved.

MP Tobias Andersson shared the video on Twitter, writing, "It says something about the punishments in Sweden when perpetrators laugh at them so much that they themselves openly spread their acts of violence."


In the video, the boy is grabbed by a much larger male who shouts in his face, "I'm gonna f**king burn down your whole f**king family."

The child is then thrown onto a bicycle already lying on the ground.

His assailant then picks up him, shakes him violently, and body slams him onto the pavement while cocking a fist.

"My son Ville was beaten by 5 people today on the way home from school, the whole incident is not filmed .. but part of the incident," the victim's father reportedly wrote on Facebook. "2 of the people kicked him when he was lying on the ground .. the rest you can see for yourself..everything is not on film. One of those who participated has filmed and posted it on social media… from there we got the film."

"We know 3 people who were involved in this, but we want to know which others were involved and abused my son. Get in touch if you know anything. Everything is reported to the police!"

The father says his son suffered bruising all over his body.

It is unclear if authorities have identified or arrested any suspects at this time.

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