Six Egyptians Arrested for 'Gang-Raping' Group of Underage Girls at Sicily Migrant Center

Italian police have arrested at least six Egyptian males suspected of carrying out a series of horrific rapes of underage girls at a COVID quarantine center for migrants on the island of Sicily, according to reports.

One adult and five minors are facing gang rape and abduction charges following their apprehension in the city of Porto Empedocle last week.

A group of around 10 young girls hailing mostly from Egypt and Tunisia told authorities they were being terrorized on a regular basis by a 'rape gang' that was raiding their dormitory at the Villa Sikania hosting center in Siculiana.

"The alleged victims said the gang went to the large reception rooms in the middle of the night almost daily where they forced the young girls to perform sexual acts," the Daily Mail reports.

"They then threatened and blackmailed them to keep quiet about the abuse, it has been claimed."

Authorities have indicated an ongoing investigation could uncover "other episodes of sexual violence and crimes against personal freedom and property."

The Villa Sikania facility is reportedly overcrowded and tensions frequently boil over, with migrants often rioting or escaping the center altogether.

The large Italian island of Sicily has been swamped with migrants in recent years as NGOs continue dumping boatloads of mostly-African 'asylum seekers' in its ports.

Last year, approximately 700 migrants broke out of multiple coronavirus quarantine camps on Sicily during a chaotic 24-hour span.

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