Sky Tags Numerous Movies With Political Correctness Trigger Warning

As part of the ongoing hysterical meltdown in the aftermath of Black Lives Matter protests, broadcaster Sky has tagged numerous movies, some little over a decade old, with a message warning viewers that they might be offensive.

Twitter user @godblesstoto compiled a thread of the movies affected, which includes Tropic Thunder, a film that was only made 12 years ago.

β€œThis film has outdated attitudes, language and cultural depictions which may cause offence today,” states the trigger warning.

Aliens, the Goonies, Flash Gordon, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and others have also been tagged.

Classics like Aladdin have also received the same treatment.

Numerous movies and television shows are now being screened with trigger warnings or removed from on-demand services altogether.

As we previously highlighted, PBS removed Gone With the Wind from its platform, in the process erasing the first black female actress to win an Oscar.

Earlier this month, the BBC also announced it was removing Little Britain from its schedule despite the fact that the TV comedy series satirizes every demographic, often highlighting small minded attitudes of bigots.

Now that corporations have caved to a demented, woke mob, every piece of art, music or TV show must be run through a 2020 purity test to ensure it pleases the sensibilities of a noisy minority.

This will ensure yet another round of censorship as more content is removed to satiate the digital book burners.


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