Slovenia Arming Border Amid Migrant Surge

Slovenia is strengthening its southern border, deploying more armed patrols to combat an increasing flow of migrants through the Balkans, according to local media.

The tiny Central European nation, which lies at the frontier of the Schengen Area, is facing a potentially catastrophic situation as Hungarian and Austrian officials have issued warnings that tens of thousands of migrants are working to burst the border between Bosnia and Croatia in an effort to invade the EU via Slovenia or Hungary.

Joint Croatian and Slovenian forces have carried out at least 635 border control missions this year, Il Giornale reports, but some practices have come under fire from left wing media and activists.

Slovenian newspaper Dnevnik recently publicized an internal police memo directing border guards to reject all migrants attempting to enter the country illegally, prompting open borders advocates to slam Ljubljana for violating the human rights of 'asylum seekers.'

"The right to asylum is cancelled. This is what is happening at this time on the border between Slovenia and Croatia," La Stampa reported. "The policemen from Ljubljana, who patrol along the anti-migrant barbed wire, were ordered in an internal circular, never made public but discovered by the newspaper Dnevnik, to repel refugees beyond the border, ie Croatia."

Dnevik also reportedly released video of armed Slovenian border police repelling migrants and directing them to return to Croatia, sparking controversy.

Hungary recently announced the mobilization of 2,300 troops prepared to deploy to their southern  border on short notice, warning that some 70,000 migrants have amassed in the Balkans and are preparing to swarm Europe.

Infowars Europe has been reporting extensively on the mounting crisis in the Balkans and will continue to monitor events as they unfold.

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