Slovenia Building Border Fence as Illegal Migration 'Spreads Like a Virus'

Slovenia is erecting new border fencing amid a surge of illegal migration that is spreading "like a virus," according to reports.

Work has begun on a barrier stretching along the River Kolpa, which separates Slovenia and Croatia.

"Last month the government signed a contract with a Serbian firm Legi-SGS to put up 40 kilometers (25 miles) of fence on the border with Croatia," Reuters reports. "Once that section is completed, the total length of fence will be 219 kilometers and cover almost a third of the Slovenian border with Croatia."

The 2.5 meter (~8 feet) tall wire fence will supplement barriers erected since the 2015 'refugee crisis.'

"The fence will be erected temporarily in the areas where it is necessary to prevent illegal crossings of the state border and ensure the safety of people and their property," said Interior Ministry spokeswoman Irena Likar.

Slovenia has recorded a 56 percent increase in illegal migrants from 2018, and some local media outlets have been sounding the alarm bells.

“Illegal migration spreads to the Gorenjska [northern] region like a virus,” Nova24 TV reported on Monday.

“Until now, we have been accustomed to receiving reports of captured migrants only by some police administrations, namely those covering the southern border . . . Illegal migrants are now also being discovered by Gorenje police officers.”

Slovenian border agents say they are encountering migrants claiming to be from Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Turkey, and beyond - most of whom are merely hoping to pass through Slovenia before heading on to more generous EU countries such as Germany or Sweden.

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