‘Slovenia First’ Populists Dominate Election On Anti-Migration Platform

The nationalist-populist Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) has secured a decisive election victory as European voters once again took an ax to the decaying tree of globalism.

SDS, which is helmed by former prime minister Janez Janša, garnered 25% of the vote - double that of their nearest challenger, the left-wing LMS party.

Janša, a famous political prisoner under the communist regime in former Yugoslavia, is a close ally of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has campaigned in support of SDS.

Janša has espoused similar rhetoric to Orbán’s, championing “Slovenia first” policies that include rejecting ‘refugee resettlement’ quotas in favor of increased border security.

At a recent rally alongside Orbán, Janša addressed the migrant crisis that saw roughly 500,000 ‘asylum seekers’ pass through Slovenia en route to Western Europe in 2015 and 2016.

“We will not allow this to happen again,” he said. “Slovenes are inherently [in favor of] solidarity, we proved this during the Balkan Wars, but we know where the reasonable boundary between solidarity and insanity is.”

As Slovenia and neighboring Croatia brace for another massive wave of migrants working their way through the Balkans this summer, voters made clear how they would see the situation handled.

“If I lead the next government, the border with Croatia will be sealed closed against illegal migrants,” Janša has vowed. “For all migrants who want to come to Europe, there is no room here. They need to help them where they come from.”

"The key problems of Europe and also Slovenia are: migration, terrorism, economic growth and employment. We're putting together a coalition that will be able to solve these problems.

The formation of a governing coalition could prove difficult as SDS would likely need to negotiate with less nationalistic factions.

"We are ready to start programme based coalition talks sooner rather than later," Janša announced. "Slovenia can’t afford to lose too much time."

Runner-up LMS, whose leader - a former comedian - aligns LMS with French President Emmanuel Macron’s ‘La Republique En Marche!’ party, has staunchly opposed working with SDS, instead hoping to spearhead a coalition that could effectively leave SDS in the cold.


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