Slovenian Resort Transformed into Halal-Compliant Migrant Camp

The Slovenian government is converting a seaside resort into a migrant resettlement village that will serve Halal-compliant organic meals, according to local reports.

"Migrants will enjoy the Debeli Rtič resort," reports Nova24. "At the seaside and in idyllic houses, they will eat organic food worth 1.4 million euros at your expense!"

Formerly offered to public employees such as police officers and injured military personnel and their families, a collection of bungalows capable of accommodating 320 people will likely soon house migrants, requiring a staff of cleaners and food preparers, as well as security guards and maintenance workers.

"In addition to three million euros for ordinary food, 1,423,500 euros for organic processed food, and 73,200 euros for the cleaning of an asylum home, as many as three guards will be guarding the site of the asylum home in Debeli Rtič in 24-hour shifts each day," the Nova24 report continues, citing government contracts.

Further cause for concern stems from the proximity of the proposed migrant village to a rehabilitation center for children and special needs patients.

In a detailed and well-sourced video produced by Slovenian independent journalist 'Barbara,' she explains the scheme for English-speaking viewers, which will cost Slovenians millions of euros as well as their access to the publicly-owned retreat.

"This is where things get super interesting: the company that's going to pick up that [food] order must not use any pork or any products with pork," Barbara reveals, also describing a chart with required "seasonal" produce that must be "high-quality, fresh, undamaged - and not a hint of it should be rotten."

"These people are going to be eating way better than I am right now, or half of the population of Slovenia," she says.

Slovenia boasts a mere 27 miles of precious coastline, and surrender of choice real estate to illegal aliens has locals outraged - especially those who have been forced to contribute portions of their paychecks to the construction and upkeep of the resort, which has reportedly been badly neglected in recent years.

"Ten years ago we were deprived of recourse and our wages to build bungalows, kitchen, warehouses, dining and cleaning equipment and two buildings with toilets and showers," wrote a former police officer on Facebook. "Now our money will be enjoyed by foreigners."

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