Social Distancing Patrols Record 26,000 'Incidents' on Spanish Beaches in One Week

A new network of civilians patrolling beaches in Spain's Andalusia region reported over 26,000 "incidents" in one week, prompting officials to chide visitors over the need to be "responsible" about social distancing and other coronavirus-related protocols.

At least 8,000 of the "infringements" were recorded just in the municipality of Malaga, the Olive Press reports.

Some 55 beaches were closed during the weekend after reaching maximum capacity.

Andalusia's interior minister Elias Bendodo stressed the importance of the region maintaining "its image as a safe region for tourists."

“We all want to go to the beach but we must do so responsibly,” Bendodo said. “Andalusians have to be the first to comply with the beach safety rules.”

“We can’t give the virus a second’s respite. We can’t relax. We have to remain alert and act with responsibility, following what the health authority dictates."

The autonomous region of Andalusia recently launched a program to hire 3,000 unemployed residents to become "beach control assistants" who would "monitor the Andalusian coasts within a 2020 Safe Beach Employment Plan," as Infowars Europe reported in May.

Beaches in the Andalusian municipality of Marbella are also being patrolled by drones, and prospective visitors are expected to download an app to check if there is space for them and make a reservation when possible.

Spanish authorities recently announced that face masks and social distancing protocols will remain mandatory nationwide until "we definitively defeat the virus, which will be when we have an efficient therapy or an effective vaccine."

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