Somali-Born Official Blames "Racism" for Migrants Taking Far More Welfare Than Finnish Natives

A new study has determined immigrants constitute a far heavier load on Finland's welfare system than native-born citizens, prompting a Somali-born official in Helsinki to blame "racism" for the disparity, according to reports.

A report released by Finland’s Social Insurance Institution (Kela) reveals that foreign-born residents take more than double the state benefits that native Finns do.

When broken down into more specific categories of government support – specifically unemployment and housing benefits and income support – the disparity widens substantially.

"On average, people born in Finland received about 900 euros while immigrants required much more support in these areas, with the average totalling about 3,300 euros a year," YLE reports.

While 17 percent of the non-immigrant population requires housing benefits, a whopping 34 percent of immigrants tap into that resource pool.

"Furthermore, unemployment benefit was received by 26 percent of immigrants and basic income support by 22 percent, compared with seven and six percent respectively for the native population," YLE reports.

Suldaan Said Ahmed, a Helsinki city councilor born in Somalia, blames "racism" and "discrimination" for Finland's low immigrant employment rate, which is reportedly at the bottom for Nordic nations.

"This says a lot about failure of integration as well as the discrimination faced by immigrants in working life, such as the difficulty of finding employment and the prejudices and racism that immigrants face when looking for work,” Ahmed said.

"We must invest more in integration and consciously combat structural discrimination in working life and in society as a whole. It is in the interest of all of us and of society as a whole to talk about immigration and not just use it as a political football.”

Interestingly, Ahmed has been embroiled in multiple controversies in which he reportedly claimed to have been the target of attacks on his religion and racial background.

The pathetic radical left is attacking us with shallow virtue signaling and shaming.

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