Somali Sentenced to "Community Service" For Raping Swedish Minor

A 17-year old Somali migrant was sentenced with 150 hours of “youth service” after raping and threatening to kill a 13-year old in a handicapped stall.

The Somali threatened to cut the girl’s throat and stomp her head if she reported the rape; additionally, he also threatened a witness.

"He screamed he would kill her," recalled the witness. "Then the Somali said he would lie with her mother and then again kill her and her family."

The Somali has denied the death threats as well as the 2016 rape that occurred in a handicapped bathroom.

Because the Somali is technically a minor, the judge gave him a “youth service” sentence of 150 hours rather than the two years of prison he would have recieved if he were 18.

That said, there's been controversy in Sweden over migrants claiming to be younger than they are to avoid adult sentencing for crimes.

Correspondingly, this ruling comes weeks after Sweden’s nationalist party leader said his country is the most disturbed in the western world.

Also, Sweden’s surge of migrant gang violence has escalated to a point where even the state-owned mail company announced it can no longer deliver packages in heavily migrant populated areas.

(PHOTO: Arild Vågen via Wikimedia Commons)

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