Somali Taxi Driver Arrested After Plowing Into Crowd

A Somali migrant has been arrested after plowing a taxi into a crowd of people last week in Borlänge, Sweden, according to reports.

Five people were hit in the crash but all have since been released from hospital, local prosecutor Eva-Lena Jansson announced in a press release.

The suspect, a Somalian man in his 30s, was apprehended under suspicion of attempted murder and aggravated assault.

“One of the plaintiffs and the suspect have previously known each other and they have an ongoing conflict,” Jansson said.

“The other four plaintiffs are not involved in that conflict. The four were nearby at the scene and were then hit.”

The Somali has lived in Sweden since at least 2011, Nyheter Idag reports, citing records obtained from the Swedish Tax Agency.

“We are shocked and regret what happened and feel for the victims,” said Per-Olov Dély, owner of Taxi Borlänge, the company for which the suspect worked.

“He has been a completely normal driver. We are now awaiting the police investigation.”

The Somali could be formally charged sometime this week.

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