Soros-Backed Group Doubles Down Effort To Derail Brexit

Globalist-backed anti-Brexit groups are doubling down in their attempts to stop the UK from leaving the EU bloc.

The groups “Best for Britain” and “HOPE not Hate,” both of which have received funding from leftist billionaire George Soros, are planning to target over one million Britons in “swing vote” constituencies to convince voters not to back a final Brexit deal, reports The Guardian.

“Whether you are Labour, Conservative or non-aligned, there are people like you in your local community that need persuading,” Best for Britain's chief executive Eloise Todd said Saturday. “It really is now or never for our movement.”

HOPE Not Hate's group leader Nick Lowles said Brexit is too costly for Britain, despite costly EU regulations which compelled Briton's to vote to leave the bloc in the first place.

“The tens of billions Brexit will cost us – in continuing payments to the EU and lost tax revenue – could be better spent rebuilding our broken communities, investing in our crumbling national infrastructure and properly equipping our young people with the skills to compete in this modern world," he said.

The British government responded, assuring voters that Brexit will continue and "stressed that the government remained committed to implementing the result of the EU referendum and 'will not be revoking Article 50,'" BBC reported.

Prime Minister Theresa May also issued a strong statement on Twitter Friday, saying, "I will not overturn the result of the referendum. Nor will I break up my country."

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