Spain Building New Asylum Camps as Migrants Flood Canary Islands

Asylum camps intended to hold thousands of people are being erected in Spain's Canary Islands amid a massive migration surge, according to reports.

Since the beginning of 2020, roughly 25,000 illegal aliens have flooded the archipelago, which lies off the coast of Morocco.

Migrants are already being placed in two camps on the main island of Gran Canaria, while four more facilities are reportedly being built to hold another 7,000 migrants on Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Tenerife.

While over 1,000 migrants arrived during the first half of January alone, authorities are still expecting a "significant influx" from Africa, according to Reuters.

The new camps "mostly comprise outdoor tents in unused military facilities where people can enter and leave freely, and are meant to house migrants pending extradition or having their international protection requests processed," officials told Reuters.

The tents will eventually be replaced by "permanent facilities."

Most of the migrants plan to eventually reach the European mainland, either by claiming asylum, hopping flights, or by paying human traffickers to facilitate the journey.

Authorities are now raising alarms over 'no-go zones' manifesting where migrants are concentrated in the Canaries.

"There is a shortage of troops. The police staff have not increased, but what has increased is the population," police union spokesman Serafín Giraldo recently told OK Diario.

Giraldo said regions are forming "where the police cannot even enter, where the work is complicated, and where groups of illegal immigrants become strong and believe that these areas are their privilege."

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