Spain Deploys Military as Thousands of Illegals Invade Spanish Enclave in One Day

More than 6,000 migrants invaded the city of Ceuta in mere hours, prompting Madrid to deploy troops to the Spanish enclave, which lies on the African continent.

A record number of illegal aliens swarmed a sea border of the autonomous territory on Monday after Moroccan border patrols reportedly stood down amid a diplomatic dispute between Rabat and Madrid.

Some reports indicate as many as 10,000 migrants may have entered Ceuta in 24 hours, the vast majority being military-age males.

"It's such a strong invasion that we are not able to calculate the number of people that have entered,'' asserted Ceuta's president Juan Jesus Vivas.

"The army is on the border in a deterrent role, but there are great quantities of people on the Moroccan side waiting to enter."

Spanish journalist Rubén Pulido shared numerous videos and photos of the invasion as it unfolded from Monday into Tuesday.

Conditions on the ground in Ceuta quickly deteriorated as migrants fought in the streets and attempted to break into private residences.

In one video, Moroccan border guards can reportedly be seen holding a fence gate open and ushering migrants through as they made their way towards Spanish territory.

Madrid deployed 200 troops and 200 more police officers to Ceuta on Tuesday as migrants continued to wreak havoc in the city and many more attempted to breach the border.

Spanish Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska said roughly 2,700 illegals had been returned to Morocco on Tuesday, while around 1,500 claiming to be children were being moved into a warehouse.

Despite vowing to deal with the situation with "maximum firmness," Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez quickly agreed to pay Morocco 30 million euros to resume border patrols, according to Spanish media.

"Sanchez spoke of firmness. Firmness in the hand to sign the check," wrote Pulido on Twitter. "Once again we surrender to blackmail, extortion and the hybrid threat used by Morocco to attack our borders."

"They are not a bunch of inept people, we are in the hands of psychopaths."

Infowars Europe previously reported on massive payments made by Spain and the E.U. to Morocco to reduce mass migration from Africa.

Bilateral deals struck in 2019 led to a 45 percent decline in migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Spain, with the North African nation receiving tens of millions of euros from Madrid and another 140 million euros from Brussels to mitigate the issue.

"When Morocco wants more money, it opens the tap of immigration and when it receives money, it closes it," Jose Encinas, a representative of the AUGC Guardia Civil police association, warned at the time.

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