Spain, EU Paying Morocco to Curb Migrant Boats

Migrant arrivals to Spain's shores have dropped by nearly half in 2019 following the signing of new agreements with Morocco, according to reports.

Bilateral deals struck in February have led to a 45 percent decline in migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Spain, with the North African nation receiving tens of millions of euros from Madrid and another 140 million euros from Brussels to mitigate the issue.

However, the precipitous decline only tells part of the story, as over 15,600 migrants have still arrived in Spain by boat so far this year, The Local reports.

"When Morocco wants more money, it opens the tap of immigration and when it receives money, it closes it," said Jose Encinas, a representative of the AUGC Guardia Civil police association.

Spain has approved aid packages totaling over $64 million this summer for Morocco to increase patrols and supply the interior ministry with more vehicles.

"Morocco has realized that the migration card is a very effective pressure tool," said Eduard Soler, a North African geopolitics specialist.

“Times when bilateral relations between Morocco and Spain were difficult have coincided with a rise in arrivals in Spain and when they have improved there was a dramatic drop.”

Migrant arrivals to Spain by sea fell from 4,104 in January to 936 in February, following the signing of new deals.

"There was then a radical drop in the number of migrant arrivals. This does not seem like chance. Morocco decided to change its policy," Soler asserts.

Similar arrangements made between European governments and Turkey are showing signs of potential disintegration, as seaborne arrivals of migrants to Greek islands is once again skyrocketing.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is now threatening to "open the gates" if European countries don't send more money to allegedly help with the repatriation of one million Syrian refugees in a safe zone established and managed by Ankara.

Turkey is reportedly holding roughly 3.6 million 'refugees,' many of whom arrived since the 2016 migrant crisis.

Out of control leftists are calling for open borders by declaring anyone has the right to illegally enter the United States.


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