Spain: Gang of African Illegals Arrested for Robbing, Sexually Assaulting Group of Minors

Five illegal aliens from North Africa were arrested after allegedly robbing multiple people and sexually assaulting a group of underage girls in Spain last month, according to reports.

The disturbing incidents unfolded on July 23 in Valencia, a large coastal city on the Mediterranean Sea.

Police were alerted about a robbery in progress and arrived on the scene to discover five men who were trapping three distressed girls and a young boy against a wall.

"The agents separated the suspects from the minors and found out that they had followed the victims asking for money and that at one point they surrounded them and touched the girls in their private parts," El Mundo reports.

"In addition, one of the young men placed a nail clipper on the neck of the minor boy while he asked for money and the rest of those arrested searched the bags of the minors."

During the intervention, another man approached officers and told them he had just been mugged by the same gang.

A cell phone that had been stolen from him was geolocated and found to be in the possession of the suspects.

Interestingly, El Mundo described the suspects as "young people" multiple times before later revealing they were men ranging from 22 to 28 years old.

They are all citizens of Morocco and Algeria who are illegally present in Spain, and at least four of them already have criminal records.

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