Spain: Good Samaritans Defending Robbery Victim Stoned by Migrant Gang

Spanish police have arrested at least nine mostly-foreign 'minors' suspected of stoning good Samaritans who attempted to stop them from robbing a lone woman in Madrid, according to local media.

Residents and bystanders in the Batán neighborhood of Madrid observed two young men robbing a woman on their block and intervened on her behalf, only to be confronted by "a large number of youths brandishing weapons," the Olive Press reports.

The gang reportedly began throwing stones, hitting multiple victims, including a 54-year-old man who was knocked to the ground and also robbed by the perpetrators.

Another victim was struck near his eye and required stitches.

Officers apprehended nine suspects at the scene, the majority of whom were identified as "foreign nationals."

Locals believe a nearby youth detention center for migrants is to blame for an explosion of crime in the neighborhood.

“Residents from the area of Batán and Casa de Campo claim to live ‘scared’ by the increase in robberies with force and attacks that have been registered in the area in recent weeks and for which they blame some of the unaccompanied foreign minors who are housed in the Richard Schirrmann youth hostel, located next to the Madrid Amusement Park,” Mil 21 reports.

Hundreds of local residents have reportedly joined a social media group formed to share crime alerts and organize a mass demonstration against current conditions.

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