Spain Hiring Thousands of Unemployed Civilians to Enforce 'Social Distancing' at Beaches

Thousands of unemployed Spaniards are being recruited to join a civilian task force which will patrol beaches this summer to enforce 'social distancing' and other coronavirus-related 'safety' measures.

A new program announced by the government of Spain's autonomous Andalucia region calls for the hiring of 3,000 residents to become "beach control assistants" who will "monitor the Andalusian coasts within a 2020 Safe Beach Employment Plan," the Junta de Andalucia explained in a statement.

“These assistants will carry out information work on the access control and capacity of the beaches, will ensure compliance with the measures contained in the contingency plan of each municipality and will inform users who access the beach of the notices and communications that are made by the competent bodies in matters of emergencies and civil protection.”

Candidates will be selected from an application pool and then undergo training at the Andalusian School of Public Safety before being unleashed on the beachgoing public.

Beach control assistants will report to local police about “incidents or actions carried out during the working day; they will carry out auxiliary aid or relief tasks, under the direction of the Local Police Corps or, where appropriate, of the Civil Protection services; they will receive and guide visitors; they will control the transit of users by the adjacent roads; they will record and communicate incidents and, finally, they will perform those other relief functions entrusted to them.”

The program is slated to run from June 15 to September 15, “with the possibility of an extension if necessary.”

Compensation is expected to be 1,900 euros (~$2,085) per month.

Italy revealed similar plans this week, saying it plans to hire an army of 60,000 "civic assistants" who will monitor the activities of their friends and neighbors to ensure they are adhering to social distancing policies, as Infowars reported on Monday.

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