Spanish Coast Guard Traveling Hundreds of Miles to Fetch African Boat Migrants

Migrants departing from African shores are being picked up at sea by Spanish authorities and transported long distances to European soil, according to reports.

Spain's Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Marítima (Maritime Safety and Rescue Society) has reportedly been executing costly and complex missions to fetch boat migrants and bring them to the Canary Islands, an archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa.

Evidence compiled by political analyst Rubén Pulido indicates Salvamento Marítimo is sending ships and planes hundreds of miles from the Canaries in search of migrants.

Pulido asserts the government agency is effectively colluding with 'mafias' to facilitate an ongoing migrant invasion of Europe.

"This is how Salvamento ended up 450 km from the Canary Islands to pick up illegal immigrants just over 20 nautical miles from Dajla [Western Sahara]," Pulido explained at the opening of a detailed Twitter thread documenting coast guard activity over the past year.

"The information I will give you in this thread has wanted to be censored and I have received a lot of pressure to never make it public."

Pulido provided a series of tracking maps demonstrating Salvamento crews traveling up to 280 miles from the Spanish islands to collect migrants within dozens of miles of the African coast and then returning to the Canaries.

Pulido pointed out airplanes are also often deployed for the 'rescue' missions, as Infowars Europe has previously reported.

"In most cases, these tours do NOT only involve the use of boats," he wrote.

Satellite images appear to show ports in Western Sahara and Mauritania filling up with 'cayucos' - canoe-like vessels often used by migrants and smugglers.

"We are talking about a public entity dependent on the government that seems to behave like a non-governmental organization (NGO) and encourages illegal immigration by its behavior," Pulido told Infowars Europe.

Since the beginning of 2020, more than 28,000 illegal aliens have flooded the Canary Islands.

Most of the migrants plan to eventually reach the European mainland, either by claiming asylum, hopping flights, or by paying human traffickers to facilitate the journey.

The lid on the research regarding the origins of the COVID virus is slowly being lifted.

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