Stabbing Rampage at Netherlands Asylum Center Requires International Emergency Response

Dutch police arrested a resident of an asylum center in the Netherlands after a stabbing spree that left at least seven wounded, according to reports.

Authorities from multiple countries responded to a call about a major incident at a migrant facility in Echt on Wednesday night where multiple victims had been critically injured.

A 24-year-old resident of the Pepinusbrug facility was quickly apprehended at the scene.

"The severity of the violence led authorities to declare a Grip 1 regional emergency, which sent extra personnel to the scene all coordinated under a single incident commander," the NL Times reports.

"Several ambulances and a trauma helicopter were dispatched to the reception center, and emergency services workers also arrived from Germany to provide assistance."

Images shared to social media purportedly show the aftermath of the bloody rampage.


All of the wounded were transported to local hospitals and some residents were moved into other living quarters for the time being.

Dozens of migrants at the facility witnessed the attack and "had to receive psychological support afterward," the NL Times reports.

The Echt asylum center is reportedly equipped to house around 400 migrants.

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