'State of War' - France Under Siege by Islamists, Globalists

Draconian lockdowns and a series of jihad terror attacks have the French living as if in a "state of war," a source told Infowars Europe.

On Wednesday, President Emmanuel Macron announced France would be plunged into a second national lockdown due to a supposed surge in coronavirus cases.

“The virus is circulating at a speed that not even the most pessimistic forecasts had anticipated,” Macron said. “We are all in the same position: overrun by a second wave which we know will be harder, more deadly than the first.”

"I’ve decided that we need to return to the lockdown which halted the virus.”

Despite never returning to a semblance of pre-COVID normalcy, the French are now being forced deeper into subjugation until at least Dec. 1st.

Hours later, a series of attacks targeting French citizens were carried out by suspected jihadists both domestically and abroad.

In Nice, two victims were reportedly beheaded and a third stabbed to death by a man shouting "Allahu Akbar" as he launched a bloody siege inside the Notre Dame Basilica.

The suspect countinued to repeat the Islamic battle cry even after being shot and medically subdued at the scene, according to Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi, who called to "annihilate Islamo-fascism."

Shortly after, a man brandishing a handgun while shouting "Allahu Akbar" at passersby was reportedly shot dead by police in Avignon.

Almost concurrently, reports emerged that an officer at the French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, had been the victim of an "attack by knife which targeted a guard.”

The guard was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, the French embassy said.

Islamists also reportedly gathered to protest outside the French consulate in Moscow.

An attack by Islamists on the French embassy in Cyprus was also reported.

Additionally, hundreds of Turkish Muslims stormed the streets of Vienne, France, hunting for Armenians.

"In the streets of the city center, they chanted pro-Erdogan slogans and threats directed at Armenians," FDESOUCHE reports. "'Allah Akbar,' 'Where are the Armenians?' and even 'F**k Armenia, we'll f**k you,' are all phrases heard on the many videos relayed on social networks."

It's pertinent to point out that the latest wave of jihad violence and aggression has culminated on the day being celebrated as the Muslim prophet Muhammed's birthday - Oct. 29th on this year's Islamic calendar.

"Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past," former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad tweeted on Thursday.

France is still reeling from the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty less than two weeks ago.

Paty's death at the hands of a Chechen jihadist has spawned massive national demonstrations, which could either increase in intensity and size - or be crushed under new emergency powers assumed by the French government under the guise of an ongoing 'pandemic.'

A source with many ties to France told Infowars Europe that people there are living in a constant state of fear and tyrannical oppression reminiscent of World War II.

"In France, they are living like it is a state of war," the source said.

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