Christian Statue Stolen From Swedish Church, Cut Into Pieces

A statue of Mary Magdalene has been found cut into pieces after it disappeared from a church in Gothenburg, Sweden, according to reports.

The bronze figure, which stood nearly six feet in height and weighed over 440 pounds, was stolen from a custom-built cave outside Mary Magdalene Catholic Assembly on Hisingen island, which makes part of the Gothenburg metro area.

Authorities were recently notified that the statue had been found by utility workers, carved into six pieces.

“We got a call from Gothenburg Energy that the statue has been found in six parts, with a rejected hand in a storage room next to a transformer at Hisingen,” parish assistant Doris Wennerberg told Götesborgs-Posten.

“It's a unique statue and it's our own. In the Nordic region, there are not many statues of Mary.”

Wennerberg says the statue seems to have been "divided with fine cuts," but she is awaiting for further information from inspectors.

Staffers at the church are unsure if they can safely erect the statue again, or if it can even be restored.

“We will review the security,” Wennerberg said. “It has been stolen once, and the risk is that it will be taken again and perhaps in a even worse way.”

“It must be repaired and we must get a new safety device before we can set it up again. We'll see how it goes.”

The statue was reportedly valued at approximately 200,000 SEK (~$21,000).

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