Robbery Victims Stripped of Clothes in New ‘Humiliation’ Method - Swedish Police

Victims of robberies in Sweden are being stripped of their clothing in a new method of ‘humiliation’ being inflicted by criminals, according to police.

Recent muggings in Uppsala and Gothenburg have ended with victims being left with nothing but their underwear as part of a disturbing trend.

“Earlier this week, Gothenburg Police Department reported that young robbers began to use degrading methods when robbing other youths,” Fria Tider reports.

“On Wednesday morning another humiliation robbery took place in Håbo in Uppsala. There, a guy born in 2001 was robbed of all his clothes except underwear.”

Police later apprehended three suspects, born between 1998 and 2004.

In Gothenburg, an 18-year-old victim was robbed by a gang of at least 10 people who sliced off his ear and stole "everything but his underwear.”

In Täby, a gang of youths wielding weapons, including a gun and machete, robbed a group of teens, confiscating all their valuables, including designer clothing, as Infowars Europe reported in August.

Days later, a newspaper seller who had reportedly been kidnapped and tortured by a Syrian migrant was found naked and bloody in Kristianstad.

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