German City Spirals Out of Control as Antifa, Migrants Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Run Wild

Police in Stuttgart, Germany, lost control of their city during weekend riots and looting that have been compared to “civil war” and a “battlefield” by local media.

At least 19 officers were injured during street battles against approximately 500 insurgents who destroyed over 40 shops and caused millions of euros in damage.

Combatants can be heard yelling “Allahu Akbar” in multiple videos which depict a mix of mostly non-Germans and black bloc radicals.

Police have announced the violent mobs were comprised of "mainly young people with a migration background."

Out of 24 suspects apprehended, authorities say three of 12 with German citizenship had a ‘migration background,’ while the rest hailed from Bosnia, Portugal, Iran, Iraq, Croatia, Somalia, and Afghanistan.

“These are incredible events that have left me stunned and that I have never experienced in the 46 years of police service that I have been through so far,” said Stuttgart police chief Franz Lutz.

“It was an unprecedented dimension, from open violence against police officers and massive property damage to looting in our city.”

The violent disorder was reportedly triggered when police attempted to search a young suspect for drugs. Officers were quickly surrounded by hundreds of aggressive individuals who began to pelt them with objects and scream obscenities.

Hundreds more joined the mob and all-out warfare ensued.

Mainstream media have attempted to blame the rampage on bad actors from the ‘party scene,’ but other reports indicate Stuttgart is likely just the latest Western city to be savaged by migrants and a Black Lives Matter-Antifa coalition which has carried out similar mass-scale urban assaults across the United States and Europe.

Boris Palmer, mayor of nearby Tübingen, has urged that accurate descriptions of those responsible for the mayhem should be provided by authorities and media, and not obfuscated.

"We need clarity about who rioted that night," wrote Palmer in a social media post seen by Junge Freiheit.

“Everyone is a young man. Almost all of these, in turn, have an appearance that one would describe in the police report as 'dark-skinned' or 'Mediterranean.’ I can hardly find any 'white men.’”

“Last night, downtown Stuttgart experienced civil war-like riots of migrants that we only know from the United States and France,” PI News reports.

“Shops were looted, police officers attacked, and their vehicles destroyed. The mob raged for hours until police forces from all over Germany arrived in Stuttgart in the early morning and got the migrants’ potential for violence under control.”

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