MP Admits Suspect in Vicious Attack Actually a Failed Asylum Seeker Known to Authorities

The perpetrator of a vicious attack upon a transit officer in Antwerp, Belgium, may be a failed asylum seeker already known to authorities, a local MP says.

On Saturday, a De Lign inspector reportedly asked a young man to stop smoking inside the Antwerp central station, as it is forbidden.

The officer eventually asked the smoker to go outside with his cigarette, at which point he became hostile and aggressive.

“He grabbed a metal bar that was a bit further away and attacked the inspector," SCEPTR reports. "The inspector tried to flee, but the young man started to chase and hit the inspector's head with the metal rod several times."

The victim reportedly lost consciousness and was rushed to a hospital with severe injuries.

While the attacker has only been described as a 'young man,' a Flemish MP says he has been told by the victim's family that the assailant may have been a failed asylum seeker.

“We learned from the victim's relatives that the perpetrator would be a failed asylum seeker,” says MP Dries Van Langenhove. “An illegal migrant, therefore, who has already ignored at least one order to leave the territory.”

Van Langenhove has reportedly filed a request for more information with Interior Minister Pieter De Crem.

“The minister is obliged to answer that, which is the advantage of being in parliament. The answer can take a while,” explains Van Langenhove.

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