Sweden: Afghan Granted Asylum to Escape Rape Threat, Rapes 15-Year-Old Girl

An Afghan migrant who was granted asylum in Sweden to escape the threat of being raped there, has been convicted of raping a 15-year-old girl in an update to a story covered by Infowars Europe.

The young girl was brutally gang-raped on September 2nd under Central Bridge near Stockholm City Hall by two Afghan migrants who also threatened to kill her, according to prosecutors.

It has now emerged that one of the perpetrators is a 17-year-old migrant who told Swedish authorities he was at risk of sexual assault in his home country in order to gain refugee status, according to local media.

"Rohollah Karimi, who is now 17, is sentenced to youth institutional care for ten months," reports Nya Tider. "It is apparent from the judgment that he was granted a residence permit because he stated that he is afraid of being subjected to sexual assault in his native Afghanistan. He tells in detail about the widespread tradition of 'dancing boys' who are raped by older men."

Prosecutors sought to have both Karimi and his accomplice Mahdi Mohammadi, 19, expelled from the country, but Stockholm District Court ruled that Karimi is still at-risk if returned to Afghanistan and will thus be allowed to remain in Sweden for his own protection.

Mohammadi has been sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison and will subsequently be deported – but is welcome to return to Sweden in 2028, according to Nya Tider.

"The verdict states that [Mohammadi] was lying about his age at the Swedish Migration Board, and when this was revealed, he was rejected for asylum," Nya Tider reports. "According to an opinion from the Migration Board, he would have already left the country a year before the gang rape, which could thus have been prevented."

(PHOTO: Oscar Franzén / Wikimedia Commons)

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