Sweden: Migrant Activists Allowed to Protest Despite Ban on Gatherings

Swedish authorities allowed a large group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators to protest at a migration office despite a national ban on large gatherings.

Some 70 protesters assembled outside a Migration Board office in Gothenburg to express their outrage that some Palestinian 'asylum seekers' have not received residence permits, according to GT.

The group was allowed to carry on despite not obtaining a permit and being in violation of Sweden's prohibition on congregations of more than 50 people due to the coronavirus crisis - a policy police are reportedly having difficulty enforcing as they have not been issued comprehensive instructions.

“We are watching and we have a threshold for when we feel that this no longer works,” said police spokesman Johan Ljung. “At the moment, police are in full swing but things are not yet clear regarding authorities’ guidelines for the maximum number of people at public gatherings.”

“At the moment, we let them keep on. We will dissolve it if we feel it is needed, those assessments are made at the time. For this particular demonstration it is very quiet because they are sitting down and even are silent. They seem unhappy with the Swedish Migration Board.”

The protests have reportedly been ongoing since January 8th because "thousands of stateless Palestinians in Sweden cannot obtain a residence permit, nor can they be expelled," GT reports.

Sweden has been criticized for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, as the government has chosen an approach that does not match that of its neighbors or much of the rest of Europe.

Sweden has 4,435 confirmed cases of coronavirus at the time of this writing.

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