Sweden: Apartment Building Targeted in Grenade Attack

An apartment building in Sweden was the scene of a grenade attack this week, according to reports.

The explosive incident unfolded in the early hours of Friday morning in Angered, a borough in the in the culturally-enriched city of Gothenburg.

Two women were at home when a detonation rocked their flat in the Gårdsten district just after midnight.

Police and rescue services rushed to the neighborhood where they found an apartment had suffered significant damage, including blown out windows.

"The national bomb squad was called to the scene along with police technicians. At 1 o'clock, the police confirmed that something had exploded, it is unclear what," Sam Nytt reports.

"On Friday morning, the police announced that they had established that the explosion was caused by a grenade."

The women were unharmed in the blast, authorities say.

"When we spoke to them, they said they were not aware of any threat against them," police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg told the Gothenburg Post. "In addition to those who were in the apartment, there are other people registered in the apartment who were not there."

"We will interview everyone who is registered in the apartment to try to get a motive picture. Of course there is a motive picture, but at the moment it is unknown to us."

Major explosions and bombings have become commonplace in Sweden, as Infowars Europe has often reported.

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