Sweden: Couple Savagely Tortured For Hours By 'Hitler-Worshipping Islamist' Migrant

A young couple was subjected to hours of brutal torture by an African migrant described as a "Hitler-worshipping Islamist" by Swedish outlet Samhällsnytt.

Gambian national Pa Demba Nyassi, 20, took 18-year-old Erik and his girlfriend hostage in Farsta, Sweden, and subjected the young man to physical torture using a machete and other various weapons while forcing his girlfriend to watch the entire episode, Fria Tider reports.

Nyassi was convicted and sentenced to five years and five months in prison, while an Afghan male with links to the attack was cleared of all charges due to lack of evidence against him.

While mainstream Swedish media has reportedly failed to cover the shocking crime, Erik shared his tale with Samhällsnytt in a televised interview.

Erik's girlfriend says she had been recently raped by an Afghan friend of Nyassi, who was also acquainted with the couple.

When Erik and his girlfriend paid Nyassi a visit and discussed the matter, the Gambian allegedly expressed his intent to corroborate the girl's claim to police – until he found out she was half-Jewish.

Nyassi reportedly began ranting against Jews and drew a machete, stabbing Erik in the side and puncturing his lung.

Erik was forced into a bathroom and stripped of his clothing while Nyassi continued to slice him with the blade, also beating him with a vacuum rod and burning cigarettes into his body.

Nyassi shaved hair off Erik's body "to show what Hitler did to the Jews," and poured harsh cleaning fluids in the victim's wounds.

Throughout the ordeal, Erik's girlfriend was forced to watch while Nyassi threatened to cut off her "Jewish nose" if she did not vow to retract the rape accusation.

Nyassi reportedly made numerous phone calls to the Afghan friend, who allegedly offered suggestions on ways to injure Erik further.

The couple eventually managed to escape and Erik was admitted to hospital with 'life-threatening' injuries.

“At the hospital, doctors discovered that Erik had a brain hemorrhage as a result of fractures in the skull, that one of his lungs had been punctured, that his jaw had been broken, and that he had a knee injury resulting in a loss of sensation in the calf,” Fria Tider reports.

“The testimony from the anesthetist who treated Erik shows that it was only miracle that the 18-year-old survived the torture, as he had received a stab wound ‘on the left flank below the heart.’”

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(PHOTO: Swedish Police)

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