Sweden Democrats: Ban All Refugees Except Ukrainians

Right-wing populist party Sweden Democrats has suggested that all refugees except Ukrainians should be temporarily banned from entering the Scandinavian country in order to prioritize those who need urgent help.

Millions of war refugees are pouring across the border to other European countries following the Russian invasion.

But that doesn’t mean the deluge of migrants already making their way to the continent from North Africa or the Middle East has abated.

Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson has therefore called for a pause on all other asylum claims.

“All other asylum-related migration — and the entire quota we have in the refugee system — will go to Ukrainians,” Åkesson told Swedish newspaper Afonbladet.

Åkesson says Sweden should devote its refugee quota to Ukrainians because they are European and “in many respects culturally closely related citizens of the extremely serious conditions that have befallen our continent.”

He also noted how Sweden being forced to take more refugees from other areas of the world has left the country’s capacity for asylum exhausted.

“I cannot say what the capacity is today. Our capacity is low, and we may not have to take the entire potential quota of refugees because we have taken a much larger share before, which has created the problems we have,” commented Åkesson.

Sweden has had massive problems with African and Middle Eastern migrants, with violent crime, sexual assaults and terrorism spiking over the last decade.

As we previously highlighted, a study found that the Scandinavian country went from being one of the safest countries in Europe 20 years ago to being the second most dangerous.

In 2019, the media was forced to admit that the alarming number of grenade attacks and explosions in Sweden represented a “national emergency.”

“Import war zones, become war zone. This isn’t complicated,” commented one respondent on Twitter.


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