Sweden Discovers 90% of Moroccan ‘Minors’ Actually Adults

Sweden has revealed findings indicating that 90 percent of Moroccan migrants who claim to be ‘minors’ are actually adults.

New cooperation between Swedish and Moroccan authorities, and also between Swedish border police and social services, have enabled law enforcement to check fingerprints of ‘asylum seekers’ claiming to be children, and discovered that a mere 10 percent are telling the truth, according to SVT.

“Neither the police nor the National Board of Health and Welfare have an exact figure on how many unaccompanied Moroccans are currently in Sweden, as many enter the country illegally,” SVT reports.

“However, fingerprint tests show that only ten percent of those who are tested are younger than 18 years of age. The rest are older than they stated.”

Disturbingly, many of these illegal migrants are simply relocating elsewhere in Europe, where they can effectively disappear into the shadows, thanks to freedom of movement within the EU and lax deportation protocols.

“When we find their identity they leave the country and move on to other cities in Europe such as Barcelona or Paris,” says border police manager Christian Frödén. “They do not want the police to know who they are because then they can be punished and be expelled to Morocco.”

Roughly 1,800 Moroccan single males have applied for asylum as ‘children’ in Sweden in the past seven years, according to the Migration Board, which also claims that arrivals are decreasing, indicating migrants are likely either traveling to other European countries or being imported in a more organized fashion.

In late 2018, the Swedish government announced plans to welcome 5,000 more ‘refugees' from the Middle East and Africa, many of whom would be flown in from their home countries.

Sweden, with a population of 10 million, accepted some 165,000 migrants in 2015 alone, the highest per capita intake of any European country.

A report by OANN exposes how an MS-13 gang member used a child - to whom he had no relation to - be allowed through the border as a "family unit."

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