Sweden: Elderly Woman Went Hungry at Nursing Home Because Workers Didn't Speak Swedish

An elderly woman was unable to communicate her need for food to staffers at a nursing home in Sweden because they did not speak Swedish, according to reports.

The female patient called her husband in desperation on Sunday to tell him she was hungry but none of the foreign workers understood her requests for food.

“The woman's good husband then called the staff of the nursing home in Östersund, but it became clear that they did not have anyone who spoke Swedish,” Samhälls Nytt reports.

“The municipality of Östersund, which runs the accommodation, blames high sickness absence during the current pandemic.”

Eventually, the husband phoned a different department at the facility and was informed his wife was in the care of non-Swedish speaking replacement employees due to staffing shortages.

"This is not how it should go. It is not acceptable," the husband told local media.

A municipality official admitted that while foreign nursing home workers are expected to be fluent in Swedish, many are not.

During a recent interview, Professor Johan Giesecke, top epidemiologist and advisor to the Swedish government, revealed that “many of the people working in nursing homes are from other countries. They're refugees or asylum seekers.”

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