Sweden: One-Third of Highly Educated Migrants Not Working

One-third of highly educated migrants in Sweden aren't working, according to newly-released data.

The rate varies greatly when compared to native Swedes, the survey from Statistics Sweden discovers.

“Among foreign born persons, seven out of ten had work as their main activity, while the corresponding share among Swedish born persons was nine out of ten.”

Additionally, the foreign born population saw a sharp gender gap in employment when compared to native Swedes.

“Eight out of ten foreign born men had work as their main activity, compared with six out of ten foreign born women,” said the study. “[But] nine out of ten [Swedish-born] had work as their main activity, both among men and women.”

Moreover, migrants who entered the country recently (2014-2017) have a higher unemployment rate than those who arrived between 2006-2009, 40% to 20% respectively.

Interestingly, only half of the highly educated migrants entering Sweden as asylum seekers have a job while migrants who enter for “work reasons” are 90% employed.

That last bit supports recent claims by French intellectual Eric Zemmour, who slammed Europe's elite for fostering mass migration to import a servant class and "replace" the natives.

“Today the economic organization of the world relies on large cities, large metropolises where the winners of globalism live,” said Zemmour. “And those winners of globalism, who are connected to the world, need servants. Voilà: they need servants to deliver the sushi, to bring them pizza, to babysit their children, to work in the restaurants, to work everywhere in the large cities.”

“Therefore there has been an entire organized action, for the last twenty years, for the purpose of getting rid of those original peoples, who don’t want to perform the job they are asked to do, and to replace them.”

“Replacing” Europeans is necessary for the ruling elite because native births alone are not enough to fund projected healthcare and social service costs facing the continent.

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