Sweden: Gay Resident Beaten by Migrant Gang in LGBTQ-Certified Asylum Home

Around 20 Afghan migrants assaulted a gay resident in an LGBTQ-certified asylum home in Westsura, Sweden, according to local media.

The victim, described as an “Iranian gay man,” received such a fierce beating from the asylum seekers in the dining room that the local migration board had to hire a security company to “maintain order” days after the incident.

“It [was] like twenty rockets were lit,” said a staff member. “The entire dining room was coming. They charged over tables and chairs.”

“…They attacked no one else.”

The staff present only interfered after the attackers began to use chairs and forks on the victim.

Only one of the attackers, Abdul Azizi, was convicted of assault; he claims his actions were in “self-defense,” an account the staff and victim denies.

“If I had been alone and he had said [such] ugly things then I could have checked myself, but when he said this openly to everyone, we all became so upset and couldn't control us,” said Azizi. “We may have made an unconscious error, but honor violations are serious for us.”

This particular asylum home is locally celebrated due to it being the first of its kind to be LGBTQ-certified by Sweden’s Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL) back in 2015.

To earn that title, workers went through 16 hours of training, two workshops, and paid attention to details like sex-divided toilets and the art on the walls.

Interestingly, prosecutors have ruled out the assault being a hate crime, a perspective the victim seems to disagree with.

He asserts the attack was the latest in a series of harassments that targeted him and other gay residents.

“When we go to the restaurant, they insult us, scream at us and threaten us,” he said. “It also happens elsewhere in the accommodation.”

Alex Jones calls in from the road to blow the lid on this epic scoop.

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