Sweden: Horse Set On Fire, Migrant Gang Douses Woman in Lighter Fluid

A horse was set on fire and an elderly woman was doused in lighter fluid near a flaming grill by an "immigrant gang" in separate incidents in Sweden, according to local media.

In Örebro, a horse was treated for burns after one or more perpetrators allegedly broke into stables overnight at a women's college and set fire to a quilt laid across the animal's back, Expressen reports.

"Someone or some people entered the stable," said a police spokesman. "There are clearly visible injuries after the fire on the horse."

Police are investigating animal cruelty and vandalism, as well as other possible crimes.

In Kristianstad, a 70-year-old women was sprayed with lighter fluid by a youth gang after she attempted to put out a large grill fire they had started, Fria Tider reports.

Police and rescue services were called to a multi-family address well-known to authorities as law enforcement had been summoned there over a dozen times already.

The latest incident reportedly transpired when a group of "young people" in the 13-to-15-year-old age range started a fire with "very high" flames on an apartment patio.

When an elderly woman representing the housing association informed them that they were not allowed to grill there, the youths allegedly responded with laughter and insults.

"It was an annoying immigrant gang that was sitting on the spot," an eyewitness told Fria Tider.

The woman was reportedly attempting to douse the blaze with water when a suspect sprayed her, and the open flame, with lighter fluid.

"The fire didn't catch, to her luck," a police spokesperson said.

Authorities are now investigating the incident as an attempted serious assault.

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