Sweden Investing Millions to House Migrants

Sweden is pouring millions of dollars into a new rental program designed to help migrants secure housing, according to reports.

A component of the scheme includes placing Afghan young adults who arrived as 'unaccompanied minors' during the 2015-2016 migrant crisis, but are now in high school or Komvux (municipal adult education.)

Rollout of the "City Mission rental agency" is being overseen by the Stockholm City Mission and Uppsala City Mission, "with the hope of inspiring more private individuals to rent out unused rooms or housing, in a safe way which the City Mission supports," Stockholm City Mission announced in a press release.

Foreign high school students with temporary residence permits are the target group for initial investment, "which is expected to open up to more target groups that are outside the housing market."

"Many of the unaccompanied people who came to Sweden in 2015 are now young adults attending upper secondary school or Komvux and are thus included in a temporary residence permit based on the New High School Act, which was established in 2018."

The Swedish government is investing 120 million SEK (approx. $12.5 million) into the program in total, with some $3.1 million going to the Stockholm City Mission, which aims to place migrants in 300 housing units by the end of 2019.

In 2017, the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine conducted testing on nearly 600 migrants who claimed to be under the age of 18, and found that some 76 percent of results "suggest that the person examined is 18 years or older."

Similar testing conducting in Denmark produced almost identical results.

Dan Lyman joins The Alex jones Show to shed light on the growing immigration crisis in Europe.

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