Sweden: Just One Conviction In 100 Bombings

After more than 100 bombings in southern Sweden during 2019, only one person was convicted, according to local media.

Nationwide, Sweden recorded a stunning 257 crimes of 'malicious destruction by explosive' last year, according the National Crime Prevention Council statistics.

However, just a handful of cases were solved.

"In the police region of the South, which includes Skåne and Blekinge, among others, more than 100 explosions occurred last year. But only one person was convicted, for one of the deaths," Dagens Nyheter reports.

Police believe most of the bombings are a result of warfare between organized gangs, but the shockingly low clearance rate is reportedly due to the lack of useful evidence following a detonation.

“I can't give you an exact figure here and now, but the clearance is very low,” Palle Nilsson, commander of Operation Rimfrost in the Stockholm region, told the paper.

"There are about fifty criminal networks with between 30 and 40 violent individuals that we focus on. It is basically the same network that is also involved in several of the past year's shootings. But they are difficult to access.”

A recent detonation in Stockholm was deemed one of the most powerful blasts to hit the city in decades, as buildings and cars were heavily damaged in one of the capital city's poshest neighborhoods.

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