Violent Robberies Rock Sweden, Gang Activity Surges

A gang held a knife to man's throat while withdrawing money from his bank account during the latest terrifying robbery in Sweden, according to Fria Tider.

The attack took place in Gothenburg, where a rise in violent crime and armed robbery has police warning residents they should 'stay sober and go home sooner' to avoid becoming victims.

“Two of the perpetrators then threatened the victim with a knife to the neck," said a police spokesman. "Meanwhile, the third perpetrator went on an electric bicycle and withdrew money from an ATM."

The man was able to make it home without injury and tell his girlfriend about the incident, and she called police.

Police have not arrested or identified the perpetrators at the time of this writing.

Four robberies took place during a single night in Gothenburg on August 7th, including one in which tourists were badly beaten outside their hotel, according to a police report.

In early August, a gang of youths armed with a gun, baton, knives and machete carried out a "brutal" robbery of a group of teens and adults in Täby, making off with cash, jewelry, and even designer clothing their victims had been wearing.

Gangs are increasingly targeting young people for their mobile phones and high-end clothing, especially in the Stockholm area, according to SVT.

A video shows cops being pinned down and attacked in a Phildelphia no-go zone, and the media celebrated it.

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