Sweden: Migrant Arrested in 4 Attempted Murders, Possible 'Honor' Stabbing of Sister

A man with an "immigration background" has been arrested after allegedly stabbing his own sister in a possible 'honor killing' attempt and attacking responding police officers in Malmö, Sweden.

The suspect is now facing four attempted murder charges and has been imprisoned following his release from hospital while his sister recovers from her injuries, according to a police report.

"The man is suspected of having attacked his sister with a knife and delivering several stabs that hit her in the body," the report explains. "The man then injured himself with the knife."

"Police were immediately ordered to the address and were met by the suspect, still armed with a knife. The man then attempted to attack the police who came to the scene, but he was disarmed and arrested."

The suspect is 22-years-old and has an "immigration background," according to an arrest warrant seen by Fria Tider.

When asked by local media if the alleged attack was related to 'honor code' enforcement, the suspect's lawyer said he cannot confirm or deny the possibility, citing pre-trial secrecy.

"I do not say that it is not, nor that it is," said attorney Carl Hofvendahl.

Prosecutor Mårten Alvinsson has also declined to comment on the subject, according to SVT Nyheter.

"The investigation is in an initial stage and at present it is investigated, among other things, why the man attacked his sister and why he went to attack the police patrol who came first to the place," the Prosecutor's Office said in a statement. "The prosecutor can therefore at present not answer any questions about the case."

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