Sweden: Gang Breaks Victim's Jaw in Brutal Ambush at McDonald's

A 39-year-old man was hospitalized after a gang of 'immigrant' youths jumped him outside a McDonald's restaurant in Sweden.

Norbert Hansson's jaw was reportedly broken in three places during the ambush.

Hansson and a friend were sitting and eating outside a McDonald's in a shopping center in Karlskrona at approximately 10 p.m. when a gang arrived and set upon Hansson in an unprovoked burst of violence before fleeing the scene, according to witnesses.

"He has been beaten by a number of people with punches and kicks," a police spokesman told Fria Tider. "It is a serious abuse."

While police have reportedly declined to offer descriptions of the suspects, Hansson's friend, who drove him to the hospital, has indicated they were of foreign origin.

"They were completely unknown to him and of immigrant background," Ulf Johansson told Fria Tider.

Johansson says Hansson was asked about his assailants by authorities who "did not care if they are Syrians, Afghans," or Swedes.

Incredibly, Hansson was initially denied medical care despite photographs appearing to show gruesome injuries to his mouth.

A local chapter of the nationalist-populist Sweden Democrats party shared a disturbing photo of Hansson's apparently fractured jaw on Facebook.

“Society is collapsing, youth gangs are going around the streets and abusing people completely unprovoked,” Sverigedemokraterna Karlskrona wrote in the post. “The police are powerless with too little resources and the judiciary is coddling with young criminals.”

“We do not lack resources or money in Swedish society because we pay among the highest taxes in the world but resources are directed to wrong priorities. It's time the people started waking up and see what years of mismanagement have done to our country. Next time it could be your child, sibling or grandchild who is being hit and grossly abused.”

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