‘Sweden Now Famous For Rape, Exporting Terror’ - AfS Party Leader

Sweden’s reputation as a beautiful, safe country has been ruined by immigration and Islamization, leaders of a surging new political party, Alternative For Sweden (AfS), have declared.

During a provocative rally in central Stockholm, the group offered their vision for the country, contrasting it with its current descent into a pseudo-Islamic state by showing female party members standing side-by-side with colleagues dressed in full niqabs and holding a mock ISIS flag.

William Hahne, Deputy Chairman of AfS, asserts that the government is executing a “population replacement that took place behind the backs of the Swedes,” and has called for Swedes to “replace the politicians before the politicians replace the people.”

“Not long ago, we were one of the world’s best countries,” he said. “We were known for being a safe and prosperous society, but now Sweden is more famous for rape and exporting terror. Abroad we are a horrific example - and politicians and the media continue to shut us up because immigration is destroying our society.”

“The Swedish state can no longer protect us. They endanger us with their naive stance. According to Säpo [Swedish Security Service], there are at least 2,000 violent Islamists in Sweden.”

“It’s only a matter of time before prayer calls will sound from each and every other city in Sweden,” Hahne warned. “There is ongoing extensive Islamization of Sweden.”

AfS supporters were pictured wearing “Make Sweden Great Again” hats and drinking “High Energy” beverages branded by AfS, both nods to President Donald Trump, who has highlighted Sweden's crises in his famous "last night in Sweden" comments.

In a manifesto detailing the party platform and positions, AfS calls the current Swedish immigration situation a “ticking bomb,” which they vow to defuse through aggressive screening and deportations.

AfS also contends that residence permits issued to immigrants in the last 18 years should be reviewed, and calls for the abolition of the ‘Migration Board,’ to be replaced with a ‘Swedish Immigration Service,’ which would handle investigations, processing, and expulsions.

The young party is quickly gaining steam behind the larger, more established nationalist-populist faction, the Sweden Democrats, which heads towards September elections as one of the top parties in the country.

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