Sweden: Suspected Afghan Migrant Arrested for Raping Woman, Throwing Her Down Mine Shaft

Swedish police have arrested a man believed to be an Afghan migrant for allegedly raping a woman and pushing her down a mine shaft after she refused to marry him, according to reports.

On April 22, a man was walking with his children near the municipality of Norberg when they heard cries for help from an old mining hole nearby.

Emergency services were alerted and an injured woman was pulled by helicopter from a depth of approximately 75 feet deep, Aftonbladet reports.

"She has been lucky. There was some snow at the bottom of the hole that she may have landed on which may have cushioned the fall, but it is still a high altitude. It doesn't usually end well when you fall from 20 meters," said Lars Johansson, who led the rescue team.

The victim, who reportedly hails from Afghanistan, had been trapped in the hole for some time, but it is unclear how long.

Over the weekend, authorities arrested a suspect who is also likely from Afghanistan, according to Swedish media.

"The man now in custody is said to have come to Sweden in connection with the refugee crisis in 2015, but does not have a residence permit. He has remained in the country and did not want to return to his homeland," Samnytt reports.

"The man calls himself Mohamad Amini, speaks Persian and is 41 years old, according to the birth information he gave. However, his identity has not been proven, and Swedish authorities have not been able to clarify which country he is a citizen of. However, there are many indications that he comes from Afghanistan."

The man reportedly has three children but no wife, according to court documents.

He also apparently has a criminal history, having been convicted for driving violations and minor drug offenses.

The suspect previously told authorities that he held a driver's license in Afghanistan, according to records reviewed by Samnytt.

The extent of the victim's injuries are unclear at this time and an investigation is ongoing.

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