Sweden: Syrian Migrants Receive 'Lowest Possible Sentences,' Avoid Deportation for Brutal Gang Rape

A group of migrants who were convicted of brutally gang-raping a woman in Sweden received very lax sentences and will not face deportation, according to reports.

The horrifying attack unfolded on the night of October 22 in the culturally-enriched city of Malmö.

A young woman was on her way home when she was ambushed by five males who dragged her into a nearby park and carried out a vicious sexual assault and robbery, as Infowars Europe reported at the time.

"Instead, she was forced into Kungsparken where the five gang members broke her down on the ground, tore off her clothes and took turns raping her orally, vaginally and anally while humiliating her," Samnytt reports.

"They also took the opportunity to rob the woman of her bank card and ID document with the aim of later draining her bank account of money."

The nightmarish incident was only interrupted when officers on patrol in the park heard the woman's screams and came to investigate.

The predators were apprehended in the act, but immediately denied any wrongdoing, claiming the victim had participated consensually.

All five were recently convicted of aggravated rape by a Malmö court.

The oldest, identified as an 18-year-old 'stateless' refugee named Amer Tamem, received a reduced sentence of 40 months in prison.

The other four are Syrian nationals, all of whom claim to be underage.

They were ordered to be held in 'youth care' for periods ranging from 10 to 13 months.

Two of the Syrians were previously convicted of other crimes in Sweden.

All five rapists have already been granted Swedish citizenship and will not face deportation.

Swedish taxpayers covered nearly $100,000 of legal bills for the convicts, and will likely be on the hook for roughly $29,000 in damages awarded to the victim.

Mainstream and state-run media in Sweden have reportedly been careful to obfuscate the immigration backgrounds of the gang-rapists, a common practice in Western nations.

"Tax-funded SVT, reporting on the verdict, chooses to keep readers and viewers in the dark about the fact that all the convicts have non-Western immigrant backgrounds. The same goes for Swedish Radio, Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet and all other 'old media' whose reporting Samnytt has checked. However, the media listed are careful to state the gender and age of the perpetrators," Samnytt's Mats Dagerlind reports.

Migrants often lie about their ages to European authorities, as Infowars has frequently reported.

In order to build back better they must destroy the old system.

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