Sweden Teaching Migrants How to Have Sex With Blondes

Newly-arrived migrants will soon learn how to have sex with Swedish blondes thanks to a new government-funded program.

The migrants will learn new techniques from Youmo.se, a web site translated in Arabic, Somali, Dari, Tigrinian, Swedish and English which is funded in part by the government's five-million-crown investment into migrant sex courses:


The web site is a vain attempt to stem the rise in migrant sex crimes:



While the site correctly points out that certain sexual activities aren't illegal in Sweden, they're certainly frowned upon in the Koran which may fuel inner conflicts for many migrants, especially given how the site practically advocates a libertine lifestyle:


Additionally, some of the migrants are entering Sweden feeling entitled to blondes because they've been promised "free blonde Swedish girls" and taxpayer-funded luxury treatment after paying smugglers to help them reach Sweden.

"Among other things, the Arabs are promised their own free, young, willing blonde, Swedish girlfriend if they manage to illegally get all the way to the promised land in northern Europe," reported Speisa.com in 2015, which displayed one of the advertisements:


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