Sweden to Import 5,000 Migrants From Middle East, Africa

The Swedish government has announced plans to import 5,000 'refugees' from the Middle East and Africa, many of whom will be flown in from their home countries, according to local media.

The 'resettlement' plan will be executed during 2019 in close cooperation with the United Nations Refugee Agency, and will see thousands of new migrants imported directly from countries such as Afghanistan, Egypt, and Turkey, if 2018 patterns are followed.

"The government has today decided to instruct the Migration Board to also 'resettle' 5,000 people to Sweden in 2019," reports Fria Tider.

"Through the migration policy agreement in autumn 2015 between the government, the Moderates, the Center Party, the People's Party, the Liberals and the Christian Democrats, it was stated that Sweden would gradually increase the number of quota refugees to 5,000 people per year before the end of the mandate."

Swedish Minister of Immigration Helene Fritzon praised the move and lauded her nation as a top destination for 'refugees.'

"It is about providing protection for the most vulnerable refugees while taking joint responsibility in the EU, together with the major refugee countries in the world," Fritzon said.

'Refugees' will be screened prior to transport to ensure they are physically capable of air travel, according to Migration Board documents.

"Before a person travels to his new home country, the International Organization for Migration examines whether he or she is able to handle a flight," the Board explains. "This includes finding out if the person is pregnant at a late stage or having a disease that makes it impossible to travel."

"The Swedish Immigration Service or Swedish Embassy issues a permit or a provisional alien passport and the International Organization for Migration arranges the travel refugee trip. A Swedish municipality receives at the airport. The municipality has a residence for refugees and now the integration work begins."

Sweden, with a population of 10 million, accepted some 165,000 migrants in 2015 alone, the highest per capita intake of any European country.

Tens of thousands of migrants continue to pour in to the Nordic nation, which has fueled a stunning spike in violent crime, sexual assault, and gang warfare.

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