Sweden: Woman Gang-Raped by African Suspects

Trial is set to begin for four migrants from Eritrea suspected of brutally gang-raping a woman in Sweden earlier this year, according to reports.

The horrifying incident unfolded on the night of June 26 in Flemingsberg, a suburb of Stockholm.

A 40-year-old woman was on her way home from a night out when she was attacked by the suspects, who kicked her and threw her to the ground, Expressen reports.

The men proceeded to take turns raping the intoxicated victim in a wooded area.

“One of the rapists filmed the assault with his cellphone camera, something the prosecutor says suggests ‘particular recklessness or rudeness,’” Samnytt reports.

“After the first assault, the woman was raped a second time by one of the rapists in an elevator at Flemingsberg commuter train station, while one of the accomplices kept watch outside.”

Police later arrested the men, who have been identified as follows:

  • Seare Measho Redae, 29
  • Huluf Kindeya Gebremariam, 27
  • Mihretab Haile Gebrehiwt, 35
  • Haileab Ghebre Weldemichael, 33

All four are citizens of Eritrea, two of whom entered Sweden in 2020, while the others arrived in 2014.

Three of the men reportedly hold permanent residency permits, while Haileab Ghebre Weldemichael is in the country on a temporary permit.

"This is a serious crime where I have today brought charges for two counts of rape that took place in close proximity to each other," said prosecutor Axel Frick.

“I submit that the defendants have taken advantage of their numerical superiority as well as the plaintiff's drunkenness and fear.”

"When it comes to such a serious crime, I as a prosecutor will seek deportation. I have started from the practice that exists and the length of the crime and have landed on the time interval of 15 years,” Frick explained.

The trial is scheduled to start on December 5.

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