Damaging Border Report Held Before Swedish Election - Source

Multiple Swedish officials contest whether a regional report detailing the country’s poor border controls was held before the recent elections, according to Sweden’s Kvällsposten.

The release of the Schengen Report would have been politically “explosive,” given its content, allege police sources.

“The outcome of the Schengen inspector's visit is politically explosive,” said one source. "I was in a meeting when [head of the Stockholm Police Office] Liselotte Ström said the report was politically sensitive and that it should therefore be held until the election was completed.”

But, Ström said her words were misconstrued as she actually spoke of delaying the release because of the incomplete nature of the report.

"I have absolutely not said that it was politically sensitive and must be kept in reserve for the election,” said Ström. “But it is the policy [of] the Ministry of Justice, which has contact with the Commission regarding the confidentiallity of the report.”

“It is important that we wait for the final report, even if I do not think we will be surprised at the outcome. We are not waiting for any report to act.”

The report allegedly details the “total failure of Sweden's border controls” and blasts immigration officials for being completely ignorant to “risk indicators” specifically accrued to detect infiltrating jihadists.

Also, staff at Sweden’s largest international airport reportedly have insufficient training to detect counterfeit documents such as passports; they also are inadequetly prepared to adapt to changes in legislation and other measures designed for security.

Correspondingly, immigration and border policies were the electorate’s number one issue going into the recent parliamentary elections as multiple crises directly related to the surge of migrants have made international news.

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