Sweden’s Radical Islamist Population Increases Tenfold - Report

Radical Islamists in Sweden have increased tenfold over the past decade according to a report from the Swedish Defense University.

The report covers the spread of the devout Islamic ideology Salafism, often associated with ISIS, and connects the movement to two terror attacks in Stockholm.

“Salafism and Salafist Jihadism have evolved over a long period in Sweden,” the report reads. “Some notable events from the Swedish salafist-jihadist environment are the extensive travel to jihadist groups in the Middle East, as well as the terrorist attacks on Drottninggatan in Stockholm in 2010 and 2017.”

Salafism is reportedly incompatible with Sweden’s government as it teaches only God’s laws should be followed.

Additionally, the report examines Salafist-Jihadi’s recruitment methods like social media, Koran schools, mosques and religious associations.

"We see that some Salafist groups use social media, lectures with ministers, and collaborations with organizations abroad to spread their messages,” says the report’s author. “Many of the informants of the study have also expressed concern about Koran schools with Wahhabist orientation and anti-democratic norms."

“Although many Salafist Imams spend a lot of time on uncontroversial subjects, [there are] depressing messages about women, gays, Jews, non-believers, and non-integration into Swedish society."

Salafist missionaries are “very active” on social media and use popular platforms such as Youtube and Facebook to reach as many people as possible.

Correspondingly, Swedish teachers have voiced their concern over young Muslim students’ open hostility to non-Muslims allegedly learned from their extracurricular Koran studies.

Also, Swedish officials have stressed that a “shadow society” is forming among migrants who refuse to assimilate.

Furthermore, Berlin’s Salafi population has doubled over the last several years and officials are on record saying the issue is “urgent.”

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