New Rule Shields Suspected Terrorists From Taxes in Sweden

Swedish authorities are outraged over new rules that have blocked the Tax Agency’s ability to investigate suspected terrorists and criminals, according to local media.

A person suspected of financing terrorism can simply refuse to cooperate with authorities because the nation’s Tax Agency now has to prove an income was ill-gotten; previously, the burden of proof was on the audited person.

"I see the situation as absurd…” Said a tax official. “[the rules] remove all opportunities to investigate criminals that [would reduce] the financing of criminal activities and terrorism.”

Terrorist expert Magnus Norell also weighed-in on the new rules.

“There is no reason to close the opportunity to access these people,” said Norell. “It is incomprehensible.”

“It's like opening a highway for black money and terrorist financing.”

The shift in protocol is disrupting the cooperative tactics between the Tax Agency and Säpo (Swedish Security Service), who advises tax officials on criminals living luxurious lifestyles on an inadequate income.

This tactic, meant to target drug-trafficking and financial crime, was recently used to investigate 400 people suspected of supporting radical Islam via cash deposits that couldn't be accounted for.

But now, such investigations are closed due to the controversial new guidelines, according to sources familiar with the matter.

"The Legal Department's stance will now mean that the criminal gains will be reinvested in drugs, weapons, etc. with great costs on society as a result,” said an investigator.

It’s important to note Sweden is dependent on its tax system to fuel the 'democratic socialism' elements of its government.

But with low Swedish birthrates alongside exploding immigration rates of migrants, many of whom stay on welfare, an unsustainable wealth gap could cause the socialist system to collapse.

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