Swedes Advised to 'Dress Poorly' to Deter Violent Muggers

Swedes have been advised to 'look poor' and dress shabbily in order to discourage potential muggings after a young man was killed during an armed robbery in Gothenburg.

An 18-year-old man was stabbed to death by a group of attackers who stole his cell phone and jewelry, prompting a national debate on the rise of violent crime that led to an 'expert' offering the bizarre advice on a Swedish news program.

Sven-Erik Alhem, chairman of the Brottsofferjouren (Victim Support) charity, appeared on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon along with Gothenburg's head of police to instruct the public on methods to deter attacks.

“It is usually said that if you want to reduce the risk of being exposed to robbery, you should dress poor and look like you don't own anything,” Alhem said. “It is strange that one should behave in this way. However, it is true that an effort to look poor may reduce the risk of a violent robbery."

Alhem asserted that many criminals carry knives, which is particularly dangerous because they are "easy to apply."

He also said muggers tend to seek out the most vulnerable or weakest individuals, such as young people and women, and are least likely to attack an adult male who resembles a "Rambo character."

Swedes have taken to mocking the advice, with one journalist publishing an 'expert guide' on 'dressing like a hobo.'

Robberies committing against children under 18 are on the rise in Sweden, according to SVT, with 2018 figures setting new records, and 2019 on pace for an increase in such crimes.

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